Calling Young Women Leaders to Congress!

It is great time for young women to run for congress,” says former U.S. Senator Blanche L. Lincoln. She, along with other former Congresswomen: Mary Bono, Constance Morella, Barbara Kennelly, and former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun encouraged young women in the audience to run for public office and eradicate the leadership gap. I recently got to hear these women speak and they inspired me to run in the future; here’s why more young women should do the same.

Why should young women run for office?
1. Because women stick up for other women. From these women’s experience in the legislature, they affirm that women are more likely to work together to represent the issues women care about. Former Congresswoman Constance Morella affirms, “It was women who were able to advance great pieces of legislation like the Violence Against Women Act.”

2. Because women bring different perspectives. Senator Lincoln, who came to the Senate with twin two-year-old boys says, “My perspective as a young mother in the U.S. Senate was critical. For these reasons, more young women are needed in our legislatures.”

3. Because we need more collaborators. Congress’s current gridlock is in dire need of collaborative work rather than partisanship, and women bring that collaborative spirit. For example, in the recent government shutdown, it was Senate women who led the effort to find accord.

4. Because women in Congress believe in you. The former congresswomen have advice for young women thinking about running. Former Congresswoman Mary Bono says the best way to begin is to get involved in your community and get known! As per former Senator Carol Moseley Braun, the only way that we can close this leadership gender gap is with courage.

6. Because you have access to trainings. There are many training programs there to help women get ready to run for office after college as well. Check out the national and state-by-state resources curated by the Center for American Women and Politics.

From Former:

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Carol Braun        Blanche Lincoln      Mary Bono       Barbara Kennelly   Constance Morella
     Senator           Senator         Congresswoman     Congresswoman      Congresswoman


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I am staunch supporter of women in politics. My mission is to serve as a resource for young women who are interested in politics or want to run for public office. Here, you will find information, seminars, events, internships, and jobs related to women in politics.
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